This bike was built specifically for 2018 Sturgis.  Displayed with a few vendors as well as turning heads on Main street.  Took 1st place at local show and has continued to impress people.  In designing this bike, we didn’t want to simply build another Vivid Black bike….   thus, we did the opposite with this White themed bike.  

White with black tribal tones finished with a flat clear. Unique all the way.  The black pieces are enhanced with metal flake that we used to create ghost striping and designs.  In sunlight, the black areas combined with the flake and flat clear blend into the leather seat nearly seamlessly.  

One of a kind.  You won’t find this parked next to any other similar bike.   

2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide

Milwaukee Custom Cycles Super Stretched Saddlebags
Stretched Rear Fender with Frenched in LED Lights
Stretched Tank
Stretched Side Covers
12″ Bars with Internal Wiring
Spiked Air Cleaner
Custom LePera Seat
Milwaukee Custom CyclesTank Dash
Single Disc Rotor
Single Caliper Brake
Big Radius Exhaust
White Contrast Floorboards
23″ Front Chrome Wheel – by RC Components
Front Chin Spoiler
HHI Raked Triple Tree
White Fork Tubes & Covers
Paul Yaffe Mirrors
Chromed out Front End
Chrome Tappet Block Accent Cover
Chrome Oil Pressure Sender Cover
Chrome Starter Cover
Chrome Rear Master Cylinder Cover
Chrome Cylinder Base Cover
One Piece Inner Primary Cover
Chrome Trans Shroud Cover
Chrome Vented Gas Cap
Chrome Shift and Brake Levers
Sony AV Touchscreen Audio
Hogtunes Lids & Speakers



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