Milwaukee Custom Cycles wants to put your health first and foremost during this time of uncertainty.  With the Governor’s orders to close all non-essential business, we will be modifying how we operate during this period of time.   WE WILL NOT BE OPEN TO GENERAL PUBLIC during this time.  However, we strive to serve our customers.   

1)  If you have a bike stored with us, be assured you will have access to it.   Call us with at least 24 hour notice and we will arrange for you pick up your bike.  Ahead of time, we will settle up your invoice (if you have one) over the phone.  We will agree upon a pickup time that we will have your bike waiting outside for you (handlebars, ignition, and non-painted areas wiped down with disinfectant). We will monitor your bike from inside (as well as our 24hr security system).  Arrive at your designated time and take your bike (without human contact).   

2) IF YOU NEED WORK DONE.   We will have a similar process to drop off your bike outside.  We will retrieve it and bring it inside immediately (without human contact).  We will use disinfectant on non-painted parts before we bring it in.   We will communicate work being done over the phone and with photos (if necessary).   Pick up will be the same manner as #1 above

3) Can’t leave home?   We’ll come pick your bike up.  A nominal charge for pickup and delivery necessary, but simply call us to arrange a date and time.  We’ll pick up your bike from your driveway, return to our shop and proceed to work.   Once completed, we can either have you pick it up (as in Option #1 above) or we can deliver your bike back to your driveway.   

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.   Together, we can get through this!

Jim & Allen

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Just a few photos of folks that have dropped by Milwaukee Custom Cycles.
Willie G. Davidson (Harley Davidson)
Christine LePera
(LePera Seats)
Corey Ness (Arlen Ness)
Daryl Bassini (Bassini Exhaust)
Paul Yaffe (Bagger Nation)
John Shope (Dirtybird Concepts
Horney Mike (Kounts Kusto


Creative colors in process.  More to come!

We never met face-to-face and only worked over the phone and internet.  You gained my trust and business from here on.  I’m already telling people about your work.  My bike is wonderful and exactly what I was looking for (and more).  Your work and personality speaks volume.  Building a bike with you was a true pleasure and you always made me feel at ease with plenty of status updates and progress photos.   Received the bike last week and I’m the talk of the town!!!   Love it.

Danny E.

Recent Customer, Louisiana

We did a lot of changes and work ups to get the bike design completed.  It was a pleasure working with you (even if I was demanding).  You kept up and made things happen!  In the end, I had the bike I imagined and love it.  Even small issues were resolved quickly and appropriately!  Anyone looking to buy a bike build from you will find it an enjoyable and pleasant experience.   I am telling my other bike friends that you are the one to contact for their builds!!

Leo N.

Recent Customer, California

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