Upgrading the stereo system on a motorcycle is a great way to make your next ride even more enjoyable. Just like powersports and marine audio system upgrades, the audio components you choose must be up to the demands of this extremely challenging environment.

  • Motorcycle Radio Options and Technologies
  • Details of Motorcycle Speakers and Required Technologies
  • What To Look For in a Motorcycle Amplifier
  • Speaker and Subwoofer Installation Location Options

We work with many manufacturers to implement the right fit for your bike and style of riding.  The goal is to provide a clear and clean sound at all speeds (considering engine, wind, and road noises).  Knowing what works best and how to get it installed professionally will provide the most for your audio performance. 

We represent all Major Manufacturers of Motorcycle Audio:

  • Sinister Sound
  • Rockford Fosgate
  • Arc Audio
  • Diamond Audio
  • Sony
  • Metra

…and many more.

We have the full ability to FLASH the Harley Davidson Head unit and provide superior tuning.